leg slimming mask

Firm and Reduce Flabbiness For Slimmer Arms

Promoting fast and effective lymphatic drainage action, Bijinsenmon Arm Slimming Mask promotes the breakdown of stubborn fat deposits in the arms area. Specially designed to firm up the skin and breakdown fats causing flabby arms, this paper mask allows you to easily obtain the ideal shape for the upper arms to enhance your confidence.

Unique Features:

  • The innovative 360ยบ full coverage design covers the underarm lymphatic area
  • It helps to stimulate the lymphatic area for detoxification and to remove all the excess water in the arm area
  • The heat burning sensation indicates the burning of extra fat and blood circulation improvement
  • Algisium C is a proven ingredient to help lipolysis (the breaking down of fat tissue)

Key Active Ingredients:

Algisium C
  • Breaks Down Fat Deposits
  • Stimulates Production of Collagen
  • Tones Up Loose Skin
Intensive Concentration of Caffeine
  • Stimulate Production Of Hormones To Increase Lipolysis Action ( Breaking Down Of Fats )

Essence of Chilli
  • Breaks Down Fats Effectively
  • Improves Blood Circulation
Saffron Extract
  • Anti-Oxidant Properties
  • Smoothes And Soften Skin

Extract of Raw Ginger
  • To Boost Blood Circulation
  • Increase Metabolism