face slimming mask

Visible Results for a "V" Face with Facial Contours toned

Made with strong elastic material and Ear Hooked type of cutting, this Bijinsenmon Face Slimming Mask firmly adheres to your chin, jaw and the lymph nodes found along the bottom of the face to the back of your ears. A multi-functional facial mask that works by improving your lymphatic drainage, reducing water retention and promoting the breakdown of fat deposits. Put your best face forward with this mask and take pride in every photo captured regardless of the angle.

Unique Features:

  • Tones and contours the chin area for a V face results with a photogenic look
  • Unique mask design covers the entire jaw line, the chin and the main lymph area behind the ears
  • Helps to drain excessive water, detoxify and facilitate fat burning effects on the double-chin area

Key Active Ingredients:

Algisium C
  • Breaks Down Fat Deposits
  • Stimulates Production of Collagen
  • Tones Up Loose Skin
Intensive Concentration of Caffeine
  • Stimulate Production Of Hormones To Increase Lipolysis Action ( Breaking Down Of Fats )
Multi Peptide
  • Firms Up The Skin
  • Lift Up The Facial Contours
High Concentration of Seaweed Extract
  • Highly Moisturising
  • Locks In The Moisture For The Skin
  • Enhances Skin Elasticity